Monday, January 25, 2016

Jan. 25

Parent-teacher Conferences

I am sending home appointment slips today for conferences. Please check the time and return it with your child. If it doesn't work for you, give me some alternate times that will work. I would like to visit with each of you. I can even meet with you sometime this week if you are going to be out of town. Let me know.


Just a few items so you can plan ahead. If your child wants to bring Valentines, there are currently 25 kids in our class, but that number could go up by the 12th. We will be celebrating on Friday, since the 14th is a Sunday. I will send home a list of names early that week. Here's the part you need to be aware of: your child will need to decorate their Valentine box at home and bring it to school. It can be any reasonably sized box like a shoe box or cereal box.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan. 7

New Spelling 
You will be seeing new spelling words in the next few days. There is a new one: a content word. It is taken from the readings that we are doing in class. It will be graded as extra-credit, so can compensate for a misspelled word, or will be extra points. Also, the spelling words/tests are not given Mon.-Fri. They come every 5 lessons, and depending on schedules and length of lessons, it may take more than 5 days.

Multiplication Facts 
We have moved into division in math, which of course is made easier when the kids know their multiplication facts. Please quiz your child, get some flash cards, anything to help them learn them well.

Science Fair
 Just a heads-up on the upcoming science fair that will be held in the latter part of February. It will be a little different this year in that it will be held in the classrooms. Our grade will be working on small machines. That means your child will be assigned to build a small machine at home, write a small report on it and have it on display on the day of the fair. We will be doing some studying on small machines and I will send home some information at parent-teacher conferences to help.

Parent-teacher Conferences
 Another heads-up. These will be held the week of Feb. 1-5. I will send appointment times home the week before. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sept. 16

   We are starting the take home books today. These are individualized to your child. If it is a short book that can be done in one reading, it is a good idea to read it several times before sending it back. If it is a chapter book, please check with your child to make sure they are understanding it and that it is not too hard.
   Please send me back a note if it is either too hard or too easy. I will adjust the level accordingly.
   Just a reminder that if they are lost there is a $5 dollar charge. If you would rather your child did not participate, let me know that also.

Remember that homework comes home on Thursdays and is due the following Wednesday. It can be turned in anytime before that, and I will still take it after. Also, lots of problems with names. Remind your kid to use theirs. I can't figure out whose is whose. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

We are off and moving! The kids are still learning the routines, but are coming along well. Homework will start this week, but remember it comes home on Thursday and is due back the following Wednesday.

This week school pictures will be taken on Friday.  You should be getting an order envelope with your child's folder. If it is lost you can stop in at the office for a replacement.

Remember that you can reach me at if there are any concerns. Thanks for helping your kids get off to a good start.